• ? A merger is a combination of two or more companies, and an acquisition is when one company buys from another (or a group of companies).

    ? The basis behind M&A activities is that two companies together are more valuable than being separated, at least that is the rational one. This rational is particularly attractive in times and/or difficult situations (of crisis / recession / economic slowdown). The strongest company will seek to act to acquire other companies in order to be more competitive, profitable and generate greater value for the shareholders. Meanwhile the target companies (targets) will be willing to be acquired when they understand that they will not be able to survive independently.

  • The care / prevention that a reasonable person exercises to avoid potential damage to other people / property and himself or his property.

    ? It is a research / evaluation process carried out by an independent and disinterested third party (such as an audit / accounting firm or a legal firm) on behalf of one of the parties that is contemplating a potential transaction (such as an acquisition, merger, and / or financing, among others) in order to provide information with analysis and interpretations to evaluate the advantages and / or risks of the potential transaction in decision making.

  • ? Our main goal is to provide specialized consulting services with solutions that generate added value to businesses, based on the experience of our team members, in order to maximize the value of their business.

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